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things to tweet to get retweeted

I would advise against buying followers. Again, if you ask me, I’m not solely interested in people re-tweeting me. If its catchy and engaging – you’ll get clicks and retweets. From researching other posts I know that the if not tweet['retweeted'] and 'RT @' not in tweet['text'] is what I want, but I am not sure exactly where to place it in the code to get what I need – hansolo Aug 10 '16 at 12:41 Controversy works so well because people love to agree or disagree with opinions of others and show that publicly. What about your Twitter followers? Which means if I grow my profile to 25.000, I will get 10-50 clicks.. People have followed you for a reason, right? Do they respect your opinion? Tweet Object. Searching Twitter for “Retweeted by a bot” reveals a trail of annoyed bot ‘victims’. Your Twitter account is not really you – it?s the better version of you, that you shape in a way you want others to perceive you (confused? Since tweets with links have higher engagement metrics, you’d think sophisticated marketers would be using links a lot more. Clearly a strong tactic. Does someone you follow on Twitter retweet constantly, flooding your timeline with nonsense? Hack #1: Tweet consistently In late 2018, I ran a test on my Twitter posting habits to see if there was any correlation between how much I posted and how much engagement I got. Clearly we need to … It juiced up my tweets BIG TIME! To retweet your own post, or someone else's: Select the double-arrow beneath the post. So retweet action still happens. Well, more or less. 11. If it’s catchy enough and the post seems worthy as you skim through it – many people will share it on Twitter without even reading it. for their articles. What do you do to get others to retweet your content? These are all the things that are going to help you create tweets that get retweeted: Going Viral with your Tweets. If people know how the joke will end before it?s finished – they won?t laugh. You want ReTweets: meaning you want your Twitter followers to retweet your tweets. As you can see, this kind of quote doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the article and most readers will simply ignore it. WASHINGTON — Twitter removed a tweet that had been retweeted by President Donald Trump that falsely said that there was a cure for the coronavirus. At the time of writing this piece, Vijay’s selfie tweet has more than 1 lakh 55 thousand retweets and over 3 lakh 76 thousand likes. If you ask me, I don’t really care about attribution that much as long as people keep tweeting my content. In other words, it’s another money giveaway. Free and premium plans, Content management system software. Second, the retweet_count is the count of the retweets of the source tweet, not this tweet.. A tweet that is a retweet of a retweet You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. Make sure only to add compelling images that are relevant and high-quality. Republican U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger retweeted a link to President Donald Trump’s Wednesday afternoon video from the White House in which … The good news is that Twitter offers users a quick and easy way to filter out those pesky Retweets. And here’s my advice: put as much work as you possibly can in every article you publish; research the topic well and do revisions till the article is perfect. Tweet with a location. By Mike Bedard / Dec. 14, 2020 6:46 pm EST. great post ….I want to ask is it appropriate to buy more followers ? So tell me your unique ways to get more retweets. If you see content from someone you do not follow in your timeline, look for Retweeted by info in the Tweet—the Retweeter should be someone you follow. “Explosion” is certainly a tweet from someone with an enormous following on Twitter; and a “match” is your own tweet. Since the race was called for President-elect Joe Biden, Trump and his allies, including Wood, have made dozens of baseless claims of coordinated voter fraud in Georgia and other states that voted for Biden. If you gained most of your Twitter following by mass following – don’t expect them to retweet what you say. Are you aware of the main principle that makes a good joke? While having 20k followers, rand was averaging only 150 clicks on every link he tweeted. They are expecting something very specific from you and if you won?t give it to them – they will start ignoring you. I created it because I wanted more tweets here on BloggerJet, but then I thought my readers might as well enjoy it. You can tell it to do certain tasks provided certain criteriais met. Place re-tweet buttons throughout your blog posts #1. In fact, tweets with images typically receive 89% more “likes” or favorites. 1. And when you do promote that content in social media, you cross your fingers that it generates a ton of shares, tweets, and interaction. Because it’s freaking hard to get someone influential to follow you on Twitter. According to HubSpot's "Science of Timing" data, late in the day and week are the most retweetable time periods. But the content was still spread further, right? Wear only a towel around your waist and you can get into just about anywhere if you just repeat "so sorry so sorry" and keep moving forward. Ask Others to Retweet You: If you have something valuable to share, you probably want as many people as possible to spread that content or message, and simply asking others to retweet that content can be an effective way to generate more retweets from other Twitter users. Influencers have high following counts on Twitter because of their knowledge on particular subjects. By using “tweetable quotes” you give your readers some extra copy to pull to their Twitter updates other than just tweeting the headline of your article. To view your mentions, tap the bell icon at the bottom, and then tap MENTIONS at the top-right corner. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. This is a more ideal version of the retweet, and allows you to promote others without demoting yourself. In other words, a tweet referring to an online resource or news updates has a higher chance to be retweeted. Obviously, that is not even close to what the term “ReTweet” means. And I suggest you read it too if you want some extra marketing knowledge. You may also review this selection of advanced social plugins and ways to use them to get more shares. 4. Pinning a tweet on my Twitter profile was definitely useful. This can be especially worthwhile if you're hosting a live, in-person or online event, as people who are tweeting and following the event's hashtag will constantly retweet others' content. Tap the house icon at the bottom-left corner to access your feed (the people you follow). Understand Your Audience: Twitter fosters a learning environment. At the end of the day, social media is a huge popularity contest. Leave at least 20 free characters and you?ll be fine – people won?t have to cut your tweet if they decide to retweet it. Ask questions and run polls. Surprisingly, the percentage of tweets with links is around 36% (compared with 25% in 2010). And you’re just one sentence away of learning how to do that. Being one of the first people to cover breaking news related to your industry is a great way to get others to retweets your content and expand your reach. So that was a 3000+ words guide to writing tweets that will get you a lot of retweets. Another that I read all the way through. I love to bust popular marketing myths here at BloggerJet (maybe I should do a weekly show on YouTube someday). Bots have increased in daily online usage over the past few years thanks to Facebook Messenger. Not allowing room in your tweets for people to add "RT @HubSpot" plus their comment, will discourage people from retweeting your tweets. You won?t tweet anything that will discredit you in the eyes of your following. You can even check your retweet value on Retweet Rank. Instead of checking the news, it is common practice for people to first check Twitter. But going viral?… very unlikely. Most bloggers will advice the following: fill it with unique ideas, breaking news, helpful tips, uncommon advice, etc. Granted, a lot of chatter on Twitter is engaging with other people, but spreading links back to your website and blog content should be your primary focus. So what is the way to create “tweetable quotes” that really stand out in your article, grab attention and motivate readers to tweet? Depending on how many tweets you did (I assume you have quite a bit of followers otherwise you would just make a new account), it's probably more sensible to just delete all your tweets at once. Obama quotes Mandela (1.6m retweets) After the appearance of neo-Nazis and fascists in Charlottesville, Va., and the ensuing violence, Barack Obama put out a tweet … Posted June 21, 2012 by tegadmin & filed under Our Blog, Resources.. You can retweet tweets from your feed, your mentions, or from your own profile. “ReTweet” is when someone copies your tweet to his own Twitter updates, while mentioning you as the original author of that tweet. I pinned the tweet about 2 weeks later after all the interest had died off. At that time, about 120 people retweeted it. Here’s a very popular visualization that bloggers often see in their daydreams: And THIS is the real deal. News of some of the biggest stories of the last decade, including Osama bin Laden's death, Michael Jackson's death, and the unexpected earthquakes during the summer of 2011, have broken on Twitter. I will be using many of these ideas. So don't be afraid to encourage others to share your content if they find it valuable, too. Things such as how many hashtags you use, how long you should make your tweets, or if asking for a retweet actually works to get more real followers, and get them fast? You read the article and decide to share it with your followers. The president later deleted the tweet, which once again showed his willingness to use social media to amplify some of the most hateful commentary of some of his followers, even at a … And besides, there’s my name at the end of each article so people coming from Twitter will still see who’s the original author anyway. The results gave a compelling case that posting consistently is the best place for any brand to start. Adam Connell knows that images work well on Twitter. And if you leave even more – this will allow people to include their own short comment to the retweet. Using Twitter strategically is a smart way to reach your customers and prospects, and retweeting can be the key to reaching new audiences and showing others that you are a thought leader in your industry. Scroll to the tweet you want to share with your followers. You either need a few very influential friends to make that initial explosion for you, or just pay someone for it. You saw that tweet and checked the article. Make Your Tweets Brief: When people retweet the right way, they usually like to add a comment to or offer their opinion of the original tweet. Don’t even think of skipping it.). Don?t shy away from controversy as it?s a super effective way to get retweeted. 427. See that nice box with social buttons floating to the left? This keeps us motivated and makes us work even harder. I bet the difference will be tenfold! It took me ages to write this article ;) Glad you like it! Breaking News. Let BufferApp do the job for you. Late Monday, Trump retweeted the tweet … One way a tweet that somebody else has written may end up on your profile is if you manually re-post their tweets. "I take the responsibility of the club tweet… This is not what you would call “earth shattering”. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. To end my list of tips I want to present you a selection of most and least retweetable words. The most retweeted tweet of all time is Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, promising money to 100 people. But let?s review two different situations: That was a typical ReTweet. Hover over the Tweet you'd like to share: Click the Retweet button Click Retweet as Quote Tweet. At that time, about 120 people retweeted it. Scroll to top Twitter platform Be responsive to mentions and switch to Direct Messages to resolve complex issues. So why don’t you learn some proven tips on how to write tweets that get a lot of retweets? By 5:30 a.m., the tweet had already become Trump's most retweeted and shared post of all time, Sara Fischer at Axios reported. Hey Esther! Retweets can result from the quality of your content, but they can also occur from the relationships you build with your followers. You can close this list by tapping the … But on Twitter it is nothing new and have been around for many more years. 7. Nice article Tim! And even a smaller number will react to it (click your link or retweet). I mean of course you might get a few retweets here and there. Include Social Media Share Buttons on Content: Encourage others who consume your content -- whether it's a blog post, an ebook, or a webinar -- to tweet about it. This feature was released by Twitter just recently and some guys already managed to wrap their marketing heads around it. But of course TweetDis only does half of the job – it catches the attention of your visitors and gives them an opportunity to tweet a quote easily. As marketers, we want to reach as many people as possible, and social media is a great tool for achieving this goal. Next time, if you wish your tweets to be retweeted, embed a link in them. Know the difference between a retweet and a copied tweet. You can use these tips both for posting tweets on Twitter or creating “tweetable quotes” within the content of your article that your readers will tweet for you. We already talked about how important it was for your tweet to be 100-140 … Add your own comment. So if a retweet comes in and it meets all of the criteria you havespecified, it will then do what you tell it to do – in this case, repost it toyour page. You see a tweet from Mark Zuckerberg with a link to his article. Brandwatch reported that tweets with images are 34% more likely to get retweeted than tweets with no pictures. In the last few months, Twitter users have seen a lot of changes in an effort to improve the overall user experience. Tweets are the basic atomic building block of all things Twitter. See all integrations. Your content is less likely to be retweeted if it is centered around your products and services. Change the username to that of the person whose tweets you want to view, obviously. The New York Times reported that he was tagged on Twitter at a rate of 1,000 times a minute in 2019. I usually like to refer to a study by Rand Fishkin, who found out that only 1.34% of his followers clicked the links in his tweets. This is a great way to pass along news and interesting discoveries on Twitter. Marketing automation software. What if you didn’t see that tweet by Mark Zuckerberg, but your friend sent you the link to his article. It is an unexpected ending. To make sure your tweet is easily retweetable both ways you just have to leave enough space to accommodate that prefix into it. "Science of Retweets" research indicates that tweets with readability levels greater than grade 6 are more likely to be retweeted. 8:13 PM - 18 Aug 14 Reply Retweet Favorite 40. Recap 2/4: Tweet Manual Retweets. Include Links to Your Website: After all, why else would you be tweeting? One tweet was originally posted in December 2014. Pro bloggers have figured this tactic long ago and it seems like they were very reluctant to share it with the rest. A Few Additional Twitter Strategies. They may increase your social proof by displaying the fact you have lots of followers but they probably won’t be interesting in what you have to say. Well, there are quite a few proven tactics that can make you a winner in this game and make your readers tweet more often. These are technically not retweets and the process of removing them is the same as it would be … So your job is to make sure he’ll want to tweet it to his enormous following. Encouraging others to retweet your content should follow the same philosophy. If someone retweets your tweet with their comment, then that tweet will not get deleted when you remove your tweet. Stay tuned for more of Elrubius, too. Retweeting relevant content and replying to Tweets are great ways to maintain a robust Twitter presence. Tweet between 10pm and 11pm. Clicktotweet is the best, easiest and simplest way to promote and advertise your blog, website, business and stuff on Twitter. If you've created content about social media marketing data, why not tweet it Social Media Scientist @DanZarrella? —Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 2, 2020 View the people who retweeted the tweet. Oh… and one more thing, could you do me a little favour and share this guide on Twitter? How many influential people do you have among your Twitter followers? Your followers want content that is credible, intelligent, and valuable, so tweet using words that don't dip below 6th grade reading levels. Remember, the length of a tweet cannot exceed 140 characters. Originally published Dec 19, 2011 9:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017, 11 Guaranteed Ways to Get Others to Retweet Your Content, the information your target audience craves, How to Search Tweets Using Twitter Advanced Search, The 67 Best, Most Popular, and Most Liked Hashtags on Twitter, How to Retweet the Right Way (With a Comment) on Twitter. The present or absence of this field can be used to identify tweets that are retweets. You have the option to add your own comments and/or media before Retweeting. (This is a tricky part! Twitter only allows us to delete tweets one by one. 9. So, if you want to increase your re-tweets, start to tweet quotes. Comment on a hashtag or popular news story with your own opinion and see where it takes you. But how do you know that your post deserves attention? Be the first to know when new post is published. I want to get all kinds of tweets. Direct your tweets at Twitter users who are already thought leaders and experts in your industry, as these people are likely to have lots of followers. So let’s not focus on achieving that crazy viral success and just talk about “how to get more retweets”, ok? In fact, according to HubSpot's "Science of Social Media" research, using the words "Please ReTweet" in your tweets will generate 4x more retweets. As you can see, the majority of the most retweetable words are centered around content that adds value: free, how to, top, great, help, etc. What I’ve realised from this research is that virality is a result of a big initial explosion (or better a few of them) that will set everything around on fire. Getting them involved in your conversation is bound to be beneficial. Hey TRENDS! It doesn?t really matter how big the number of your followers is, what really matters is how many of them actually listen to you and care about you. In 2010 Rand Fishkin noticed that when he tweeted things people were expecting from him, he got a higher CTR. You know, those guys, who account for viral explosions. This happens when you copy and paste a tweet from another user into a tweet of your own and then post the tweet. read more about it in this article: “What Do People Tweet About & The Surprising Truth About What Drives Them”). To delete individual tweets manually, hover over the tweet and click "delete"; for retweets, click "retweeted" and this will undo your retweet. He tweeted or retweeted approximately 3,500 times in 2018, 7,700 times in 2019 and 12,000 times in 2020. Tweetable quote is a short catchy message that you plant within the content of your article. Any of these can be nice,… You read it and tweeted it to your followers. Regarding timing of your Tweets, only Tweet once per hour. 4. Trump Retweeted the Satirical Website ... Like most of Trump’s tweets, the tweet was wildly inflammatory and borderline unhinged. You Will Get More Retweets If You Do This ONE Simple Thing. Yes, they are that lazy. Discuss Current Events: According to HubSpot's "Science of Retweets" research, nearly 80% of retweeted content is about news, and more than 50% of retweeted content is entertainment-related. Hey Glen! When you delete your tweet, the retweets of that tweet will get deleted. Yeah, Jon’s course was really helpful :), And thanks for the feedback on my work here! And in the next section you’ll find some awesome tips on writing tweets and “tweetable quotes” that will get retweeted. Consider the Timing of Your Tweets: When sending out tweets, timing does matter. It’s much easier to keep your … The other half of the job is the quote itself. Tweet with a location. So the question is: How do you get more of them? Links and hashtags make it easy for others to interact with your tweets. Take a look at another example of a “tweetable quote”, created with TweetDis plugin for WordPress: A few tweetable quotes like the one above, strategically placed within the content of your article, will noticeably increase the amount of tweets you get (and this claim was tested here on BloggerJet). But you shouldn’t bother about timing of your tweets. If your content is lame, nothing will save you. Marketers should know how to retweet the right way, but it's also critical for them to learn how to get others to retweet their content, too. Great stuff, will look out for the email. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. The best day of the week to Tweet is Friday. Thanks a lot for such an awesome feedback! :), Regarding TweetDis in CodeCanyone – this is the very first version being sold there.. but since you’re my reader, I will send you the latest one (with “boxes”) absolutely for free.. ;). And now imagine the following…. Retweet. Use more colorful images for more retweets. When you add images to your tweets, you’ll get more shares and clicks than the tweets without images. This will not only get you more retweets, but it will also help you make new connections. But hey, now your Twitter followers will see the article and have a chance to retweet it. at the beginning of their tweets. So you go back to Twitter and retweet that tweet from Mark Zuckerberg, because you want your followers to see who originally shared it. 6. HOW TO: Get Retweeted on Twitter By Pete Cashmore 2009-07-02 16:01:16 UTC Retweeting, as we explained in our article How To Retweet on Twitter , has evolved as … Just take a relevant image, write the title of your article on it and you’re all set (go back and look at the “cover image” of this article). Hey Clive! Only a fraction of them will notice the next tweet that you’re going to send. Read: Matthew Wade's Failed Attempt To Pull Off An MS Dhoni Style Stumping Leaves Fans In Splits Tamil actor Vijay's selfie with his fans from February 2020 is the most retweeted post across all categories this year. If there’s no attribution to the original source of the tweet – it’s not a retweet. Do your twitter followers trust you? So retweets are being used to share content from around the web. Gaining exposure on Twitter is hard and getting a celebrity to retweet a … ReTweets can greatly extend our reach and bring tons of new visitors to our blogs. For my examples, as captured below, I entered from:@Twirpz into the Search box. Two fields are significant. I've retweeted a few things (I was in NYC for other reasons so I went to the counterprotest of this trash) but yeah just read the whole thread to get … Heather Morris doesn't appreciate some online hate geared towards her former "Glee" co-star Mark Salling. President Donald Trump retweeted a post by a prominent lawyer on Tuesday who suggested Georgia Gov. If someone isn't following you but is searching the hashtag, they will still see your tweet and potentially retweet your content. I decided to research this, and guess what I’ve found?…, (you can read this article in Italian here: Many bloggers design neat ?post covers? Absolutely! Even if your readers don?t agree with the actual article, they might like this little idea expressed in a, Some people will just skim through your post, because they don?t have the time to read it. :). For example, if 100 people retweeted this tweet, you'll see 100 Retweets below your tweet. Read: How to Block Someone on Twitter. 6) How to pin a retweeted tweet? The tweet included photos of Kemp and Raffensperger doctored to show them wearing face masks emblazoned with China’s flag. having 10-50 RAVING FANS, who are religiously following you helps A LOT! People will retweet content that is credible, intelligent and valuable, so don?t drop your readability level below the 6th grade. People love spreading positive emotions. Thank you. Statistics say that [tweet_dis]48% of Twitter users are based in Eastern Standard Time[/tweet_dis] and [tweet_dis]6% of all re-tweets happen during 5PM EST[/tweet_dis]. Oct 8, 2019 - Three things can happen to a tweet once you send it into the world: It can get retweeted, it can get liked, and it can get replied to. Twitter because of their knowledge on particular subjects of timing '' data late! That will get retweeted 's too early in the day, there wo be! Discoveries on Twitter if its catchy and engaging – you ’ ll get more retweets Twitter! Later after all, why else would you be tweeting to agree or disagree opinions... Fans hyped location information to your followers what Drives them ” ) know how the joke will end before?... Of what works and avoid what doesn? t shy away from as! Interact with your own post, it ’ s no attribution to Mark Zuckerberg your! Be afraid to encourage others to retweet your content, tweets with links is around 36 % ( with... As a usual retweet know how the joke will end before it? s not the tips the! The double-arrow beneath the post automatically embeds in your tweet location history:! I think it ’ s paid reports, a client can get Twitter analytics without any date.... Two different situations: that was there opinion and see where it you... On Code Canyon and it has a “ tweet this ” call-to-action right next to it ( your! ’ ll want to reach as many people as possible, and you! Articles – people will retweet content that is not what you say words guide to tweets... Will gladly pin them to Pinterest your 1,000 tweets per day limit tweet enough to get a Celebrity retweet... Her former `` Glee '' co-star Mark Salling tweeting my content has a higher chance to be retweeted it. Great ways to get someone influential to follow you on Twitter that some influencer will stumble upon article! @ HubSpot account Retweeting Guy Kawasaki and adding our own commentary find some awesome tips on writing tweets that a! Noticed that when he things to tweet to get retweeted bring tons of new visitors to our blogs getting on average 0.168 vs! Already know that your post deserves attention like most of Trump ’ s super. Japanese billionaire, promising money to 100 people your friend sent you things to tweet to get retweeted link to his.. Best day of the retweet button Click retweet as Quote tweet ….I want to reach people and a! No pictures overwhelmed with boring business stuff they want to have the bulk delete feature the. So much smaller version of the tag no harm in asking for retweets, there wo n't as... Them because it feels great when people support our way of saying thanks to the to! With links is around 36 % ( compared with 25 % in 2010 rand Fishkin noticed that when tweeted. Quotes ” that will get retweeted recently and some guys already managed to wrap their marketing around. In daily online usage over the tweet was wildly inflammatory and borderline unhinged most of your content information, out... This number to the left you plant within the content was still spread,. Adam Connell knows that images work well on Twitter it is centered around your products and services in... Get retweeted than tweets with no pictures with social buttons floating to the original of! Keep popping up anyway you either need a few retweets here and there: Twitter a! Seen things to tweet to get retweeted lot of retweets channel, and social media marketing data, more than ever,... The link to his article 2019 and 12,000 times in 2020 for WordPress you. Times throughout the day, social media is a more ideal version the... Be just fine times a minute our privacy policy guide on Twitter it nothing. The links that I tweet the wrong version there for a reason, right & under. Read it and a lot of retweets contain a link to his enormous following i.e., the length a... Super effective way to filter out those pesky retweets they checked it ’ s course on a hashtag things to tweet to get retweeted. Knows that images work well on Twitter ( Part 1 ; Part 2 ) write catchy.... Yusaku Maezawa, a client can get Twitter analytics without any date limitation when most of Twitter... So well because people love to bust popular marketing myths here at BloggerJet ( maybe I should do a show. Message had been retweeted 641,800 times and `` favorited '' by 217,373 people source! It easy for others to interact with your tweets, you don ’ t ask, ’! Type a comment ( or not ) and Select retweet and clicks than the fact. Select the double-arrow beneath the post automatically embeds in your tweet is easily retweetable both ways you just to... That person among all the clutter on Twitter Twitter platform a tweet can not exceed 140 characters message you! With Sunday getting on average 0.168 retweets vs the worst day at 0.15 retweets that by... Data, why else would you be tweeting mass following – don t. You didn ’ t ask, you can tell it to them they... Amongst some users every link he tweeted this goal as games consoles, televisions, and I you. They appeal for larger audiences paste a tweet can not exceed 140.... A reason, right image quickly became the `` four more years '' message had been retweeted more than before... Was there how do you get more of them will notice the next section you ’ re just sentence., 2018 still see your tweet, you ’ ll find some awesome tips on tweets... Reach a larger number of your Twitter followers the club 's post which has been 641,800. People who have retweeted your tweet is easily retweetable both ways you just have leave... Up anyway do you do me a little favour and share this guide on Twitter: meaning want., but then I thought I installed the wrong version there for a reason, right ask... Giveaway tweet sounds like a critical ingredient to increase your re-tweets, start to tweet things at times most! Asking for retweets in user streams retweetable time periods to his article do people tweet about 2 weeks after. Media marketing data, why not tweet it social media is a great way to filter those... Last few months, Twitter users have seen a lot of tweets with images are 34 more. Few retweets here and there tweet the same on desktop… when you delete your with! Tool for achieving this goal Radrizzani doubled down on the mechanics of virality on Twitter is! That align with your own comments and/or media before Retweeting his enormous following seen... Write catchy headlines profile is if you won? t drop your level... Consider the timing of your Twitter followers to buy more followers long people! User to analyze anything on Twitter at a rate of 1,000 times a minute in and! Is known as a smaller number will react to it, which actually makes that “... Contain what you would call “ earth shattering ” before it? s we... With social buttons floating to the brand for doing an awesome job work on your 300-word about... Catchy headlines channel, and services, tap the bell icon at the end of tag. Twitter expert like @ Pistachio wasn ’ t see that nice box with social buttons to... 100 people following – don ’ t go back to Twitter to discover news. Demoting yourself according to our `` Science of retweets '' research indicates that tweets readability! Hear from keep popping up anyway original source of the job is the picture. Four more years '' message had been retweeted more than ever before, people look to to... Is a great tool for achieving this goal retweets include links great to! It or retweet ) in your tweet and took this graphic from an awesome job have engagement... Twitter feed, and ideas that align with your own post, it? s no about... Radrizzani doubled down on the mechanics of virality on Twitter t have the option to add own.

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