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prepackaged 's mores kits

Privacy Policy These are intended for the recipient to make s’mores however they typically do at home. As above, roasting tip includes first and second supports 28, 30, a holder 32 and a base 26. A pre-packaged s'more kit containing a plurality of marshmallows, crackers, and flavored wafers shaped to fit inside an elongated container. Use this as a tray for all types of snacks! Can even be made indoors with a microwave for the perfect anytime treat. Saturday, January 30, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Join us for our annual winter fun day. Furthermore, each sleeve 40 may be configured so that the second end 46 of elongated module 34 and the second end 48 of roasting module 44 can securely, but removeably, slide into the second end 50 of sleeve 40. While there is shown and described the preferred embodiment of the invention, it is to be distinctly understood that this invention is not limited thereto but may be variously embodied to practice within the scope of the following claims. Such a fun idea for … All rights reserved. Our gourmet s’mores kits include everything you need to make 4 s’mores. Referring to FIG. Campers sitting around a fire and families enjoying backyard barbeques often take pleasure in creating a dessert known as a s'more. Science: The solar oven uses solar energy to cook the s’mores. Fuchsia Roasting tip 24 may be securely attached to the first end 38 of roasting module 36. Keep a S’mores Kit handy in your pantry for camping, grilling, or poolside activities! There are never an equal number of components leading to inconvenient storage and inevitable wasted product. The most common s'mores kit material is paper. Third, the vertical members 56, 58 of base 26 may be inserted into slot 60, and finally a ferrule 40 may be crimped or otherwise secured onto the first end 38 of roasting module 36 around slot 60 locking roasting tip 24 into place. I like that you skewered the marshmallows too. Red Silver a plurality of sleeves corresponding to the number of elongated modules, each sleeve having first and second ends the first end of each sleeve attached to the first end of the elongated module, and the second end configured to receive and removeably attach to the second end of another elongated module or the second end of the roasting module. Once the s'more ingredients are removed, the elongated container can be reused as a storage container, a drinking cup, even a refractory telescope. & Terms of Use. Orange Each package looks stunning with a generously sized 2" Imagemallows® Marshmallow that accompanies a set of 4 graham cracker squares and delectable chocolate. Make these.. s’more kit includes enough delicious goodness to make 6 s’mores. Dark Chocolate Omg, this is SUCH a cute idea. 12 is a schematic representation of a refracting telescope formed by the elongated container according to one embodiment of the present invention. S'mores Microwave Kit For … Referring now to FIGS. These little guys were a hit at our romantic cabin wedding so today I am sharing a. The giveaways are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. The pre-packaged s'more kit would ideally include sufficient quantities of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate wafers to make a specified number of s'mores without leaving any leftover. Blush © 2004-2021 FreePatentsOnline.com. This may be accomplished by forming at least one dimple 52 on the second end 50 of each ferrule. Our Custom S'mores kit will conjure up warm memories of sitting by a crackling camp fire, stick in hand, as a golden confection finishes its slow roast, destined for graham cracker goodness! Referring to FIG. Wholesale marshmallows for your cafe, shop, or any other business. WinterFest! I love s’mores, and this would be a really cute summer party favor. These s’mores kits are the perfect way to enjoy s’mores at home or on the road. MD6375WE as low as $13.10. Sku: STB-SMRE . Quick View. (Roasting skewers were sitting next to the bags.) Oregon Farm Fresh Snacks Salted Caramel Gourmet Candy - Oregon Made Caramel Candy with Sea Salt and Vanilla - Gluten Free Delicious Chewy Sea Salt Caramels - … Privacy Policy 7 is a schematic representation of a second version of the roasting utensil; FIG. 3 is a schematic representation of a roasting utensil according to one embodiment of the present invention; FIG. Now you can give this timeless taste to someone you love with our selection of Custom s’mores! 8, elongated container 12 includes a hollow body member 62 and first and second end caps 64, 66. These shapes allow the crackers 16 and flavored wafers 18 to easily slide into and remain secure within elongated container 12. Second end 50 of each ferrule 40 is configured to receive and securely retain the second end 46 of another elongated module 34. Buy Great Value S'mores Kit from Walmart Canada. Relive your favourite childhood camping memories and enjoy the best camping food in existence! S'mores Kit, Everything You Need, 2 PACKAGES OF HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE BARS (12 full size bars), 1 BAG OF KRAFT MARSHMALLOWS (10 oz bag), 1 BOX OF HONEY MAID GRAHAM CRACKERS (14 oz box). Preferably, first and second end-caps 64, 66 are interchangeable, each configured to attach to either end 76, 80, 82, 84 of first or second hollow portions 68, 70. Keeps it … Did you scroll all this way to get facts about s'mores kit? 12, first hollow portion 66 has a length L chosen in relation to the focal lengths of convex lens 88 and concave lens 90 such that placing first end-cap 64 on one end 76, 80 of first hollow portion 68 and second end-cap 66 on the other end 80, 76 of first hollow portion 68 creates a refractory telescope 94. 3, a preferred embodiment includes a roasting utensil 20 allowing a user to safely suspend at least one marshmallow 14 over a heat source such as a fire or hot coals. Full Color! Preferably, the kit includes a roasting utensil also designed to fit within the elongated container. Light Blue S'mores Kit found in: Simple S’mores Kits, …appreciation to your guests for sharing in your special day, but you don’t want to add to your already high wedding expenses. 5 is a cross-sectional view of a pre-packaged s'more kit housing a modular roasting utensil, marshmallows, crackers, and chocolate wafers according to one embodiment of the present invention; FIG. In a cool, dry pantry, these sealed bags will … Jute / Twine. The set also includes four r…

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