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It is further noted that spraying ozonated water at the side walls of an ice bin to sanitize and clean an ice in can allow for the cleaning of the ice bin without requiring the ice to be removed. The ozonated water leaves the water distributor 310 and falls over the evaporator 301, thereby cleaning and sanitizing the evaporator 301 before falling into the water reservoir or sump 325. No. This process cleans the tray, the pump, the drain valve, and the bypass valve with tap water by washing the majority of the harmful scale causing minerals down the drain. It is noted that once the ozonated water is 1.5 ppm, the oxidation-reduction potential sensor 1460, in conjunction with a controller, may cause one or more of the ozonated water generators to become non-operational (since ozonated water has a shelf life) until the oxidation-reduction potential sensor 1460 senses the strength of the ozonated water is below 1.5 ppm. The oxidation-reduction potential sensor 1460 can regulate the strength of the ozonated water, via bypass valve 1470 and/or flow regulator 1405. Island Oasis Frozen Cocktail Company, Inc. Дмитро Анатолійович Фоломєєв. 30, 2011 From International Application No. 10 illustrates a block diagram of an ice making system with recirculating ozonated water sanitizing/cleaning subsystem; FIG. SURCHARGE FOR LATE PAYMENT, LARGE ENTITY (ORIGINAL EVENT CODE: M1554), Free format text: This sets a timer inside the spray bottle so the electric pump is shut off in about fifteen minutes, which is before the ozonated water losses effectiveness. No. 4. 4,932,223 shows an auger-type ice-making apparatus includes a new and improved auger or auger assembly having one or more generally spiral flight portions with one or more grooves formed transversely across the outer edges of the flight portions. Thus, by briefly opening the drain valve 2370, at the end of the ice making process, the mineralized water can be removed by gravity without requiring a flush with water. As illustrated in FIG. This recirculation of the de-mineralized water de-scales the sump pump 327 and the tubing or conduit associated therewith. The entire content of U.S. It is further desirable to provide an ice making system that includes a clean-in-place system that kills harmful micro-organisms without having the ice machine being disassembled and washed. It is noted that the controller or control box turning ON the ice making machine triggers a startup program which causes the existing water (ozonated water) to be flushed or drained, and new water added for the next ice making cycle. 23, 2015. Filing Date: 01/07/2000 . Vibrator 1250 creates vibrations along seal 1220 to cause a small gap in seal 1220 to enable penetration of the ozonated water. 2 illustrates an ice making system that removes mineralized water from a sump reservoir; FIG. The entire content of U.S. The mixture is then transferred to a drinking glass or disposable cup for consumption. In the various conventional systems for making and dispensing ice, the conventional ice maker have relied upon manual sanitizing, automatic sanitizing, ozone, chlorine dioxide, and/or ultraviolet light to reduce/prevent microbial growth. The drip system may provide a continuous dripping of ozonated water to the interior surface of the ice storage bin. 7,469,548; U.S. Pat. The blender is then operated for the considerable amount of time required to reduce the ice to a finely-divided state. In an on-demand ozonated water dispensing system in conjunction with a monitoring system, when an employee wants to take a bottle of ozonated water to go spray the tables somewhere, the employee fills bottle with ozonated water. As illustrated in FIG. 4 illustrates an ice making system that includes a de-scaling mechanism. The plurality of sidewalls are disposed substantially perpendicular to the bottom of the ice storage bin to create an interior surface of the ice storage bin. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST;ASSIGNORS:ALMBLAD, ROBERT;ALMBLAD, JAY;REEL/FRAME:021607/0633;SIGNING DATES FROM 20080807 TO 20080819, Free format text: After such an incident, the ice machine needs to be disassembled and washed. The introduced ozonated water is sprayed into the water distributor 310 to clean and sanitize the water distributor 310. An ice machine prevents micro-organism growth by utilizing a clean-in-place process. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST (SEE DOCUMENT FOR DETAILS). It is further noted that the sprayers associated with the water distributor, the area therearound, and the evaporator may be operated simultaneously with the recirculation of the de-scaling solution through the water distributor. With respect to manual cleaning, it is conventionally recommended by manufacturers to be done every six months. 5,619,901; U.S. Pat. In the water reservoir or sump, which collects the recirculated water during the ice making process, a drain is placed at the lowest point, which is normally just under the sump pump. Conventionally, descaling chemicals have been applied while using a cookie tray placed over the ice in an attempt to save the ice, resulting in customers consuming potentially contaminated ice.

7 In The Spring Softball Tournament Cape Girardeau, Mo, Car Share Nyc, Epco Duckpin Bowling Balls, Retail Pricing Formula, Clutch At Straws Idiom Meaning, Shiv Dc Powers,

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