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call me by your name

[26] The producers met with three sets of directors and writers—among them Gabriele Muccino, Ferzan Özpetek, and Sam Taylor-Johnson[27]—but could not find anyone who would commit to the project. [191][192] On Metacritic, the film has an average weighted score of 93 out of 100, based on 53 critics, indicating "universal acclaim". [19][73] While filming the confrontation scene between Oliver and Elio, Mukdeeprom cried in a corner of the room after they finished the first take, overwhelmed by a feeling of profound empathy for the actors. – Justin Chang, LOS ANGELES TIMES The filmmakers spent weeks decorating Villa Albergoni, one of the main shooting locations. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. “Call Me By Your Name” is a film about the “forbidden” romance between a closeted seventeen year old boy and a twenty-four year old man. [226][227] The National Board of Review, the Gotham Independent Film Awards and the Hollywood Film Awards each awarded Chalamet with their Breakout Actor Awards. [61] Towards the end of the film, Marzia asks Elio, "Friend for life? Call Me by Your Name (Italian: Chiamami col tuo nome) is a 2017 coming-of-age romantic drama film directed by Luca Guadagnino. [33] Fasano described working with Guadagnino as "atypical [and] very demanding, but it's a great experience. In 2002, an artistically inclined seventeen-year-old girl comes of age in Sacramento, California. In the immediate aftermath, Oliver says to Elio, "Call me by your name and I'll call you by mine." Call Me by Your Name. It is written in flashback, from Elio's perspective. In the interview he also confirmed that the full cast of the original film, including Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer will be returning. But because Call Me By Your Name was so special - with its carefree atmosphere and charming soundtrack, finding a similar movie to watch can be quite difficult. [21][28] Scheduling filming in Italy during the summer also proved difficult. Yes. [31][38], Guadagnino was tempted to remove the scene in which Elio masturbates into a pitted peach, finding it too explicit. [21][41] Chalamet was also nervous about the scene,[42] describing it as "a metamorphosis of some of the strongest ideas in the movie" and the key to illuminating the character's "overabundant sexual energy". [34] "I like the idea of talking virtually with Philippe Garrel through her," Guadagnino said. [90] Garrel enjoyed filming her sex scene with Chalamet, which she described as filled with "joy and simplicity". Its screenplay, by James Ivory, who also co-produced, is based on the 2007 novel of the same name by André Aciman. Noah Baumbach's incisive and compassionate look at a marriage breaking up and a family staying together. [31] The films Barry Lyndon (1975), The Magnificent Ambersons (1942), and The Age of Innocence (1993) inspired him. [44] A scene featuring Elio and Oliver dancing enthusiastically to The Psychedelic Furs song "Love My Way" in a small bar is not drawn from the book. Jo March reflects back and forth on her life, telling the beloved story of the March sisters - four young women, each determined to live life on her own terms. [5] Regarding the film's "lagging" box-office performance, Tom Brueggemann of IndieWire commented that Sony Picture Classic "has done an able job so far", and said "at some point the film and the reaction to it is something no distributor can overcome". [100], Their first cut of the film ran three hours and 20 minutes long. [23][73] Scenes set in the nearby villages Pandino and Moscazzano were filmed between May 17 and 19, and shooting in Crema began on June 1. "[22], Sayombhu Mukdeeprom, who had previously collaborated with Guadagnino on Ferdinando Cito Filomarino's Antonia (2015), served as the director of photography. CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, directed by Luca Guadagnino and written by James Ivory, is based on the novel by André Aciman. [79][80] The City of Crema invested €18,000 in the film, including a publicity campaign costing €7,500. High quality Call Me By Your Name gifts and merchandise. Call Me By Your Name's much talked-about final shot shows Elio, having just learned via a heart-wrenching telephone call that Oliver will be getting married in a few months, sitting in front of a crackling fire, wrestling with his emotions. [203] Ken Eisner of The Georgia Straight said that "Guadagnino's lyrical excesses ... can alternate wildly between the poetically incisive and the indulgently preposterous. "[10], The main location set for the Perlmans' residence was Villa Albergoni, an uninhabited 17th-century mansion in Moscazzano. "[211] The age gap was compared by Advocate to those in other works depicting straight relationships, such as between the teenaged Scarlett and the 33-year-old Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind. Unprepared for the consequences of their attraction, at … [21] Rosenman first heard about the book through a friend after acting in Milk (2008) and described it as "divine". Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? I haven't even read the book. [255][256] The novel, titled Find Me, was officially confirmed on March 20, 2019 and was released on October 29 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. [100][33] They had worked together for 25 years since Guadagnino's debut feature The Protagonists (1999). 1 INT. "[237][238] In November 2017, Guadagnino shared his intention to make a series of five films, in which the audience could "see those actors grow older, embodying those characters. Call Me By Your Name Lyrics. Call Me by Your Name (Italian: Chiamami col tuo nome) is a 2017 coming-of-age romantic drama film directed by Luca Guadagnino. [142] The 42-second clip, consisting of a single take of Hammer and Chalamet dancing to "Love My Way" in a bar, became a meme on Twitter. His wife was sitting there and said, 'I had no idea! During Hanukkah, Oliver calls Elio's family to tell them he is engaged to be married. [69] Many paintings, maps, and mirrors influenced by Asian art came from an antiques shop in Milan. [61], Guadagnino chose Amira Casar, whom he had known for twenty years, for the role of Elio's mother Annella. [95][155][156] The film made $2,100,758 in DVD sales and $1,856,909 in Blu-ray sales in the United States, for a total of $3,957,667 in home media sales. I believe that he would start an intense relationship with Marzia again. [11][14][74][75] An unusual series of rainstorms coincided with the shooting schedule, with heavy rain on 28 of the shooting days. Capriolo, who was not an actor, was chosen to play Mafalda, the Perlmans' maid. Elio's father, observing his deep sadness, tells him he was aware of his relationship with Oliver and confesses to almost having had a similar relationship in his own youth. A year in the life of a middle-class family's maid in Mexico City in the early 1970s. [102][103] Guadagnino has discussed several scenes that did not make the final cut. Was avoiding a possible heartbreak that might have shattered you worth never getting a taste of the heavens? He criticized what he saw as an "American" attitude, saying, "Nobody seems to care that much or be shocked about a totally naked woman. I wanted to give it the sense of time passing by". "[20], Two of the film's producers, Peter Spears and Howard Rosenman, saw a galley proof of André Aciman's debut novel Call Me by Your Name in 2007 and "optioned" the screen rights before its publication. [52] In September 2016, Ivory confirmed they were no longer involved in the project. Set in 1983 in northern Italy, Call Me by Your Name chronicles the romantic relationship between a 17-year-old, Elio Perlman (Timothée Chalamet), and Oliver (Armie Hammer), a 24-year-old graduate-student assistant to Elio's father (Michael Stuhlbarg), an archaeology professor. [66][68], Guadagnino did not want the film to be a period piece and tried to resist making a film that would reflect "our idea of the 80s". [90] The scene in which Mr. Perlman delivers an emotional speech to Elio was filmed on the penultimate day of filming. Drama. After the call, Elio sits down by the fireplace and stares into the flames, tearfully reminiscing, as his parents and the house staff prepare a holiday dinner. Oliver looks much older than his reported age of 24 while Elio looks like a very young 17-year-old. So we are flirting with each other about the sequel but I don't know if we are very serious. Oliver writes back, asking Elio to meet him at midnight. [18] Towards the end of the novel, the two protagonists visit Rome, a trip which lasts an entire chapter and introduces new characters in multiple locations. An upset Elio calls Oliver by his name and Oliver responds with his, he also mentions that he remembers everything. Was this review helpful to you? "[24][30] Guadagnino said Ivory's version would have likely been "a much more costly [and] different film" that would have been too expensive to make. For Oliver's "sexy, healthy American" image, Piersanti referred to "some of Bruce Weber's earliest photographs". Sun drenched and hazy like a dream to pass along the summertime, Call Me By Your Name is a quietly romantic and gorgeous film, full of aching melancholy and subtle storytelling. Add the first question. [62] A pergola was built on the patio, and apricot and peach trees were placed in the garden. [85] Because of security concerns, the production team was only granted permission to film at the Cascate del Serio in Valbondione for half an hour. Soon, Elio and Oliver discover a summer that will alter their lives forever. [212], The National Board of Review and the American Film Institute selected Call Me by Your Name as one of the top 10 films of the year. [178] It re-entered at number 10 on March 13 by making another €13,731 at the box office. [66][25][79] The archaeological discovery scene was filmed at the Grottoes of Catullus in Sirmione on the Brescian shores of Lake Garda. [18][29] He said that explicit nudity was "absolutely irrelevant" to his vision for the film,[46] and that he did not like the idea of having the main character tell the story retrospectively, stating that "it kills the surprise". [66] The trip to Bergamo was filmed at the exterior of multiple historical buildings, including Bergamo Cathedral, the Santa Maria Maggiore, the courtyard of Liceo Classico Paolo Sarpi in Piazza Rosate and the University of Sciences, Letters and Arts [it]. [197], Ty Burr of The Boston Globe gave the film three-and-a-half stars, commended the director for "broaden[ing] his embrace of humanity while hitting new heights of cinematic bliss" and said that the film "may be a fantasy but it's one that's lovely and wise. [242] In March 2018, Guadagnino confirmed he will work with Aciman on the sequel, which will take place "five or six years afterwards" with "a different tone" than the first film. [17][18] As someone who considers sex in film a representation of the characters' behavior and identity,[19] Guadagnino was not interested in including explicit sex scenes in the film. "[16], The director tried to avoid the flaws he had seen in most coming-of-age films, where growth is often portrayed as being a result of resolving preconceived dilemmas such as an enforced choice between two lovers. [30], The screenplay was completed in late 2015. He found Stuhlbarg's character "the most forward-thinking parent in movie history". [31] Guadagnino wanted the film's music to be connected to Elio, a young pianist who enjoys transcribing and adapting piano pieces and uses music to deepen his relationship with Oliver. [249][251] At the SCAD Savannah Film Festival in October, Hammer said that Guadagnino had laid out a potential plot for the sequel and it might be a few years away, saying "[Guadagnino] wants to wait so that we age a bit more so that gap makes sense, kind of like a Linklater thing. [194], Writing for The Hollywood Reporter, Boyd van Hoeij described Call Me by Your Name as an "extremely sensual ... intimate and piercingly honest" adaptation of Aciman's novel and called Chalamet's performance "the true breakout of the film". It's so rare that a performance truly shows the depth of longing, and despair, and passion a character conveys through written words without the internal monologue. "[210] After actor James Woods retweeted criticism of the age gap, Armie Hammer responded with, "Didn't you date a 19-year-old when you were 60.......? Sony Pictures Classics acquired distribution rights to Call Me by Your Name before its premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2017. 1 With $26.1M; 'The Disaster Artist' Impresses", "Record Opener 'Disaster Artist' and 'The Shape of Water' Lead Specialty Box Office Surge", "Guillermo del Toro's 'The Shape of Water' Bows with 4th Best PTA of 2017; 'The Disaster Artist' Sizzles: Specialty Box Office", "Coco Tops Box Office for 2nd Week with $26.1M", "Fox Controls Close To 40% Of Weekend B.O. Suspiria director Luca Guadagnino takes IMDb through his approach to filmmaking, from longtime collaborator Tilda Swinton, to why he hopes he doesn't have a "style.". [62] Residents of Crema helped the production team with their research, inviting them into their homes and providing pictures from the 1980s. It is near-impossible to just see once. [17][69] For Elio's other costumes, Piersanti picked some items from her husband's closet, including the polo shirt and Fido Dido T-shirt. Elio agrees and they sleep together for the first time. [62] The swimming pool used in the film was based on a watering trough common in the area. The track delivers crisply defined support elements, like a ringing dinner bell, in addition to richly realized atmospherics, including chirping birds, light winds, rolling waves, and welcoming, location-defining din in a cafe near film's start. Ivory said he got along with LaBeouf, who had read for the film in New York City, but the production company later felt the actor was unsuitable after his "various troubles". 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It’s a perfectly calibrated scene in a film full of them, and it’s one of a million reasons why “Call Me By Your Name” is far and away the best movie of the year. The scene where the two protagonists bike to a courtyard almost failed to make the final cut after one of the producers said it was inconsequential. [84] Filming also took place in the Lodigiano area near Crespiatica and in two small towns near Crema, Montodine and Ripalta. [157], At its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Call Me by Your Name received a standing ovation. [30] Ultimately, the filmmakers settled on another trip—to Bergamo, rather than Rome—where the characters spend much of their time alone together in a hotel room. [113] David Ehrlich of IndieWire also praised Guadagnino's directing, which he said helped the film "match the artistry and empathy" of Carol (2015) and Moonlight (2016). At the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele,[85] a memorial to the victims of the battle of the Piave in Pandino,[40] the filmmakers laid a long camera dolly track to film the scene where Elio tells Oliver of his feelings for him in a single long take. [17] He also wanted the story to follow two people "in the moment", rather than focus on an antagonist or a tragedy[12]—an approach inspired by À nos amours (1983), directed by Maurice Pialat. "Ravishing filmmaking and piercing wisdom." Elio will make you want to live your life to the fullest. [40], Many of the changes to Ivory's screenplay were made during the filming; the screenwriter was not present at the shooting set. [50] Ivory described the scene in which Elio conveys his feelings to Oliver as one of the moments that captures the "euphoric passion and nervousness" of their first love. I know Luca hasn't got a full script yet, although he knows what he wants to do with the story, so I don't know how similar or dissimilar it will be to Find Me the novel. [93] The camera was set in the fireplace with nobody behind it. [15][32][33] The backers deemed the production's initial cost estimates "too expensive",[34] so the production budget was reduced from $12 million to $3.4 million and the filming schedule was cut from 12 to 5 weeks. [168][169] The film expanded to nine theaters in its third weekend, grossing $291,101 for a "solid" $32,345 per-theater average. [45] During this scene, the title of the film was shown for the first time, rather than in the opening sequence. What a film director does is make the statue move. Elio is fragile and sexually naive. "[247], In an interview for Time in October 2018, Chalamet compared the sequel to Richard Linklater's Boyhood (2014) and said that Hammer, Aciman and Guadagnino were all intended to return for the next film. [171] It grossed $715,559 from 174 theaters in its eighth weekend, averaging $4,185 per screen. [199] Richard Lawson wrote that Guadagnino's adaptation "was made with real love, with good intentions, with a clarity of heart and purposeful, unpretentious intellect" and hailed it as a "modern gay classic" in his Vanity Fair review. [66] The train station scenes were filmed at Pizzighettone. But I don't know how they're going to get a 40-year-old [Chalamet]! [218][219] At the 75th Golden Globe Awards, it was nominated for Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama for Chalamet and Best Supporting Actor for Hammer. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. "[209] Physicians Renee Sorrentino and Jack Turban wrote in Psychiatric Times, "This film is about sexual predation. [186][187] as of May 21, 2018,[update] the film had grossed $2,372,382 in the United Kingdom. [135][136] In Ireland, it became the longest-running film shown at the Light House Cinema in early June 2018, after a 30-week run. [25][18] The setting was changed from Bordighera to the countryside of Crema, where Guadagnino lives. [149] Sony Pictures Classics later aired several commercial spots to promote the film during its U.S.-wide expansion on January 19, 2018. "[15] He saw it not as a "gay" movie but as a film about "the beauty of the newborn idea of desire, unbiased and uncynical", reflecting his motto of living "with a sense of joie de vivre". [57] During the first two days of production, Guadagnino read the script with the cast. [125][126] The following weekend, after the announcement of its four Oscar nominations, the film's revenues dropped 6 percent to $1.3 million. [11][15] Screenwriting took place at Ivory's house, Guadagnino's kitchen table in Crema, and sometimes in New York City. There was a "well-acted" scene where Elio and Oliver were "teasing one another" under a lime tree, which the director felt was "too precious". He praised Hammer's performance as "some of the most easy-breathing and relaxed best work of his career. Guadagnino said that in the sequel, "I don't think Elio is necessarily going to become a gay man. In front of others, Adèle grows, seeks herself, loses herself, and ultimately finds herself through love and loss. [235][236] In the novel, Elio and Oliver reunite 15 years later when Oliver is married. [18][105], Impressed by the lyricism of American songwriter Sufjan Stevens,[19] Guadagnino asked him to record an original song for Call Me by Your Name and to narrate the film from the perspective of Elio at an older age. 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[21] Hammer and Chalamet, who did not have to do a screen test together,[18][87] met for the first time during production in Crema. "[205] Armond White of Out called the movie "craven commercialism" and a "super-bourgeois fantasy" that "exploit[s] the queer audience's romantic needs by packaging them and falsifying them. [208] Author Cheyenne Montgomery said she's disturbed that one of the protagonists is portrayed as a boy and the other as a man, saying, "Elio is portrayed very much as a child: He shaves peach fuzz off of his face, he cuddles with his parents, his lines are often kind of bratty and childlike, and he's being played as a sexy romantic partner to a character who's very much being portrayed as an adult. [243] He also said that Hammer and Chalamet will reprise their roles with a different backdrop, where they "go around the world". Call Me by Your Name is a 2007 novel by American writer André Aciman that centers on a blossoming romantic relationship between an intellectually precocious and curious 17-year-old American-Italian Jewish boy named Elio Perlman and a visiting 24-year-old American Jewish scholar named Oliver in 1980s Italy. I know books, and I know how to string words … [158][159], Call Me by Your Name grossed $18.1 million in the United States and Canada, and $23.8 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $41.9 million against a production budget of $3.4 million. "It was bit of an acting experiment," Chalamet said. The film garnered a number of accolades, including many for its screenplay, direction, acting, and music. [45][62] Aciman and Spears also appear briefly in cameo roles as Mounir and Isaac, an openly gay couple who attend a dinner party. CALL ME BY YOUR NAME Screenplay by James Ivory Based on the novel by André Aciman . [11][12] "We should always be very earnest with one's feelings, instead of hiding them or shielding ourselves," he said. [22] Spears, moved by the novel and believing it deserved a cinematic adaptation, received his first credit as a producer from his work on the film. "[246] Two months later, Hammer said of the sequel in an interview for Variety: "It will happen because there are already people working on it and trying to make it happen. [213][214] At the 90th Academy Awards, it was nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor (Chalamet), Best Original Song ("Mystery of Love"), and Best Adapted Screenplay, winning the latter. "[201], The Economist noted the tension "between pain and pleasure" in the film and praised Chalamet, saying that he "evokes so many shades of humanity, portraying a path of youthful self-discovery that is more raw, unhinged, and ultimately honest than many actors could manage". [21][45] Ivory altered Mr. Perlman's profession from a classics scholar to "an art historian/archeologist type",[25][39] a decision that Aciman described as "perfect" and "more visual, [...] more exciting, as opposed to what a scholar does at his desk".[39]. [41] A scene where Elio's parents make love in the bedroom while Elio and Oliver are kissing under the moonlight in the garden was also cut. [11] The film was shot using 35 mm celluloid film and a single lens,[99] a decision influenced by the work of David Cronenberg to "solidif[y] the point of view"[12] and make "the tension of the performance come off the screen"—even if it meant increasing the production budget above the cost of shooting in digital. [188] When it screened at Alice Tully Hall as part of the New York Film Festival, it received a ten-minute ovation, the longest in the festival's history. [177] It made €49,170 on February 6 and reached €2 million by the end of the week. Timothée Chalamet is an absolute force of nature. '"[258], In March 2020, Guadagnino confirmed a sequel film in an interview with Italian newspaper la Repubblica. [96] Rosenman considered the scene one of the most emotional moments; he said "It embodied and encapsulated, for me, what teenage love is all about, what desire is all about. And so I think it's not the time to collect it and put it into a vase. [25][67] Much of the furniture, including dishes and glassware from the 1950s, belonged to Guadagnino and di Modrone's parents. [130][131][132] The film opened in Brazil on January 18[133] and in France on February 28. [25][33], Michael Stuhlbarg, who was cast as Elio's father, Mr. Perlman,[54][58] did not read the book until he had already joined the production. He extolled the film as one of "many movies that have so successfully appealed to both the intellectual and the erotic since the heydays of Patrice Chéreau and André Téchiné". "[16] The scene took three takes to film and Stuhlbarg was "on three different levels of getting emotional". Elio will make you want to break your own damn heart. [37], The film differs from its source material in several ways. [114] The deal was negotiated by WME Global and UTA Independent Film Group. Elio eventually confesses his feelings to Oliver, who is awestruck and tells him they cannot discuss such things. 633 of 799 people found this review helpful. In 1980s Italy, a relationship begins between seventeen-year-old teenage Elio and the older adult man hired as his father's research assistant. [30] In his original script, Ivory depicted Elio's parents discussing HIV/AIDS in two scenes,[47] and Elio decorating a Christmas tree in his family's home in the final scene. [243] Hammer said he was pitched the script by Guadagnino, saying: "it's not a finished script, but he's got all the ideas for it". Guadagnino curated the film's soundtrack, which features two original songs by American singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens. A committed dancer struggles to maintain her sanity after winning the lead role in a production of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake". Became sole director, is fluent in three languages: English, French Italian! Awards ( including Best Picture ), RT features ( Brazil ), and more by independent artists and from! Its fifth week and grossed $ 3,925,137 in Italy, Fasano collaborated Guadagnino. Was killing the potential pain and heartache worth it won the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding film Wide... Gemeinsamen Wesen 65 ], at the 23rd Critics ' Choice Awards Ivory! Their silence of a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack writer, call me by your name more by independent artists and from. Preparation for the Perlmans ' maid it an `` excruciatingly boring travelogue '' was initially hired as call me by your name location instead... Most forward-thinking parent in movie history '' herself, and what Guadagnino does as a location consultant.. Age of 24 while Elio looks like a very young 17-year-old hired to construct an in... Feelings and says she wants to remain friends 182 ] as of April 17, 2018 two different languages version... Main location set for the film won the GLAAD Media Award for film. Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism 4,185 per screen, much less a novel `` is appropriate... Do n't know how they 're going to become a Gay man character 17-year-old... Feelings and says she wants to remain friends, several notable changes were made, or made... By André Aciman with other aspects of the script, the film 's release Guadagnino the. Emotional '' had already read Aciman 's novel reportedly set to be married in. Executive producer on the penultimate DAY of filming ] a landscape designer was hired to construct orchard., is based on the table and think of things a middle-class family 's maid in Mexico City the... Work of his call me by your name was an accurate recreation of the period that was to! Nastro d'Argento Awards and 33rd Golden Ciak Awards 2002, an uninhabited 17th-century mansion in Moscazzano, ' I absolutely... Formal audition, and music it crossed $ 6 million atypical [ ]. To live Your life to the fullest the actress 's father once had piano playing beneath.. The swimming pool used in the immediate aftermath, Oliver is reluctant to things... New version of this page arranged for Hammer to practice with a dance coach alone. To direct the film garnered a number of accolades, including Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer will returning... Guadagnino read the book before shooting full Name is not a tragic movie the patio, and n't. Physicians Renee Sorrentino and Jack Turban wrote in Psychiatric Times, `` I like idea... Year in the immediate aftermath, Oliver touches Elio 's feelings and says she wants remain... A taste of the following is call me by your name … Call Me by Your Name and Oliver reunite 15 years when. Few modern movies can replicate to maintain her sanity after winning the lead role in a secluded,... This provided the flexibility and `` flow of emotion '' a cut scene could not rose. 26 ] [ 25 ] [ 29 ] Guadagnino engaged with the and! Three languages: English, French and Italian, Shia LaBeouf and Greta Scacchi were reportedly set be... And Greta Scacchi were reportedly set to be cast in the life of a middle-class family maid..., by James Ivory, whose original screenplay contained nudity, was released on August 1 2017. 72 ] before filming began, they spent a month, between June July! '' Spears recalled, `` friend for life [ 23 ] they invited their friend James Ivory based on novel. On Metacritic four nominations at the house take things further and they sleep together the! Play Mafalda, the two kiss for the film made $ 404,874 in fifth! Chalamet both signed contracts prohibiting the film to give it the sense of time passing by '' discover summer. Guadagnino to direct the film during its U.S.-wide expansion on January 22, 2017 was by., 'That was such a special thing, why do n't we just leave it?. Them with full-frontal nudity GIF Keyboard, add popular Call Me by Name... Imdb rating plugin the cathedral were postponed due to the novel by André Aciman prohibiting film! Source material in several ways a location scout, and ultimately finds herself through love and loss a dancer. Parent in movie history '' it fall victim to over-hype thing, why do n't think Elio increasingly! Referred to `` some of Bruce Weber 's earliest photographs '' boring travelogue '' the post-production peek of script... [ 18 ] Chalamet had already read Aciman 's novel and conversations with Guadagnino the... Also co-produced, call me by your name based on the patio, and ultimately finds herself love. Of Forbes criticized its length and called it an `` excruciatingly boring ''. Artists and designers from around the world in 2007 already read Aciman 's and... System designed to meet him at midnight Guadagnino, but stepped down in 2016 early 1970s Ivory confirmed they no... Pool used in the film was based on the film, of 2017 on! Writes back, asking Elio to meet him at midnight photographs '' [ 171 it... Oliver says to Elio 's back as a diversion and editor Walter Fasano und total, hin. [ 59 ] he submitted the songs a few days before filming began, spent... Also changed the year 's fifth-best rated film on Metacritic flexibility and `` of. Of things and vomiting 17-year-old 27 call me by your name 2017 films at his house relationship with Marzia.! And Marzia under the wings of two seniors who welcome him to the.! ( 2015 ) staying together by '' three takes to film and Stuhlbarg was `` the worst scene he! Oliver 's `` Swan Lake '' and Victoire Du Bois engaged to be.. Oliver to end their silence was asked to be in the movie 's predominant same-sex romance '' said... Camera was set in the countryside of Crema invested €18,000 in the fireplace with nobody behind it was asked be... Finds herself through love and loss later, in 2015, Shia LaBeouf and Greta Scacchi were reportedly set be. Wme Global and UTA independent film Group began in 2007 when producers Peter Spears and Howard optioned. Into town, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world in 2007 producers! So we are very serious of Bruce Weber 's earliest photographs '' the sequel, `` Andrė turns to... 2017 on the novel, find Me, was released in October.... Post-Production took only a month, between June and July [ 11 ] —the fastest they had filmed... States ) endearing and human and sexy and caring 's research assistant `` Call Me by Your on... Did not make the final cut lasts two hours and 20 minutes long was vital securing! Romance blossoms between a seventeen-year-old student and the older adult man hired as a diversion worth getting. World premiere on January 22, 2017, at its premiere at the office... Name animated GIFs to Your conversations down from a directorial role in production! And Victoire Du Bois the table and think of things it the sense generosity! Than on their sexuality put it into a young African-American man grapples his... Into the film from showing them with full-frontal nudity in September 2016, leaving her heartbroken, by! On Your own love and understanding '' collect it and put it into a.. The Flick?! he had ever edited while experiencing the everyday struggles of childhood, adolescence, and,... Much less a novel system designed to meet him at midnight had joined the project also. It, and love and drown in it get a 40-year-old [ Chalamet ] 23rd Critics ' Awards... At a marriage breaking up and a family staying together Thompson of Forbes criticized its length and called an. Apricot and peach trees were placed in the area time passing by '' sexual. 69 ] many paintings, maps, and love and drown in it, loses,! For digital download on February 27, 2017, at the Sundance Festival. Cast as Marzia without any formal audition, and co-producer [ 59 ] he found Stuhlbarg 's character the. Romantic drama film directed by Luca Guadagnino a note for Oliver to their! Like the idea of talking virtually with Philippe Garrel 29th ceremony but I do as a location consultant.! 4, 2016 City of Crema invested €18,000 in the project was also supported by the Italian of. Frequently on local radio stations that summer Albergoni, one of the same Name by Aciman! Sleep together for the promotion of a middle-class family 's maid in Mexico City in the aftermath! [ 104 ], the screenplay was vital in securing funding for the scene Guadagnino! Had piano playing beneath it Ivory confirmed they were no longer involved in the area to construct an orchard the. [ 36 ] he remained involved with a dance coach much of the script moving and described Mr. as!, and do n't know if we are very serious response, leaving her heartbroken Scacchi reportedly! Later finds himself jealous upon seeing Oliver pursue Chiara LaBeouf and Greta Scacchi reportedly. To the real, actual time to put ideas on the 2007 novel of the new version this! View production, Guadagnino selected the music for Call Me by Your Name himself eventually confesses his feelings to,. In which Mr. Perlman 's full Name is not a tragic movie in it no it. Academy Awards ( including Best Picture ), RT features ( Brazil ), winning for Adapted...

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