Web App Vs Mobile App: Which Platform is the best to start an ECommerce Business?

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After the impact of covid-19, the eCommerce industry is booming as many retailers are embracing online purchases in order to avoid any physical contact. According to a survey conducted recently, many new startups have arisen in 2020 to replace the traditional method of doing shopping.

Now almost everyone is using the internet for some of the reasons, for ease, individuals have switched from website to mobile application, as it is easy to use and can be used over mobile anywhere. A survey has shown, almost 70% of people use mobile devices for online purchases.

So here comes the question for your e-commerce business which is a better choice “mobile application or web application”?

The answer can be best delivered by a mobile and web application development company because they have resources for both services.

The choice depends on many factors like budget, timeline, and manpower, etc.

 In this blog we have listed some pros and cons of mobile applications and web applications, to help you figure out what is your choice.

Mobile apps

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  • Faster loaded than web apps
  • Greater functionality as they have access to system resources and permission can be altered by the user.
  • Can work offline as well as online
  • Approved by the play store, so are safe and secure for use.
  • Can be built with the help of developer tools, interface elements, so easy to deliver.


  • Expensive to build than web apps because of the use of  interface elements
  • Compatibility issue for IOs and Android as both have different starts.
  • Expensive due to the IOs and Android version, as both need different elements.
  • It may be challenging to get approval for a native app from the app store.

Web apps

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  • Do not need to use extra storage space to download or install, it functions in the browser.
  • Easy to maintain, as the code base is common for any browser.
  • They can update themself, as the update is usually performed by the website itself.
  • Less time taking and easy to build
  • Do not require any app store approval to launch in the browser.


  • Do not work offline
  • It is slower for the user as it takes time to load all the website details.
  • Hard to find if the brand or the shop is not famous, (e.g it is hard to search if not optimized properly for search engines)

Now you know the differences between a native mobile application and a web application. There is no motivation behind why can’t you choose for both. If budget is not your concern having both is the best choice. Many successful businesses invest in both like Amazon, eBay, etc. If you are interested in building your own application, and still confused about what you should process, contact us. We will provide you a tailored eCommerce solution for your business according to your need and budget.

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